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Where to Buy Myoflex Pain Relief Cream

otc pain relief

If you’ve ever watched a lacrosse game, you’ll probably have noticed that no other ball bounces with the same kind of energy and intensity quite like a lacrosse ball does. Lacrosse balls are made of Indian rubber, and that’s why they bounce the way they do. There’s an expression that says kids are ‘made’ of Indian rubber with the way the bounce back so emphatically and don’t seem to get hurt the way adults do. Youthful vigor has everything to do with that, and it’s something us grown ups won’t have anymore. So when a body part starts to hurt, what’s the best OTC pain relief for people?

OTC stands for over the counter, and that’s a vague way of saying you don’t need a prescription to buy the product at your pharmacy or supermarket. Myoflex is regarded as among the best pain relief creams that are OTC and that’s because it’s reliable for effective topical pain relief. Now if you’ve taken a slapshot off the back of your leg you might consider yourself fortunate, because as much as it hurts the pain is temporary.

If you’ve never needed to know what causes arthritis pain, you can also consider yourself fortunate. You probably don’t have arthritis, and you don’t need to deal with the pain associated with it. So not to make any less of that terrible welt on the back of your leg and all the radiating pain that’s coming with it, but it’s going to go away in time. Arthritis? Nope.

Let’s look at OTC pain relief in greater detail here and explain why 9 times out of ten or so you’ll get the pain relief you need without having to use a prescription pain reliever. There’s all sorts of people who have pain, and for many of them that pain is going to be an ongoing reality – either by choice or not.

Fast Acting, Safe

Myoflex gets high marks for OTC pain relief based on three primary points; it’s easy to apply, it’s not greasy or stick at all, and it starts to provide topical pain relief quickly. We can add to this short list by saying that Myoflex is also a better choice for anyone who needs to get over pain but is wary of possible side effects from OTC prescription pain relief medications. That can be an especially valid concern for people with gastrointestinal, cardiovascular or kidney problems.

Many people taking a medication like Mobic for pain relief due to arthritis may not be able to for this reason, and while Myoflex may not have the same potency for pain relief as a prescription painkiller it is often effective enough for people if applied regularly. Keep in mind as well that Myoflex does not contain menthol, and there is a risk of skin burns with pain killers that contain menthol. Another point for this OTC pain relief ointment that is surprisingly effective, even for more severe and chronic pain caused by inflammation.

There will be some individuals insistent that being overweight has no direct relation to how much pain one will be in. While that may be true of impact traumas like the errant slapshot we talked about earlier, it’s entirely not true if we’re talking about people experience arthritis anywhere below their hip bones. Carrying excess body weight makes things much harder on your knees and ankles, and if you have arthritis in these joints, you’re probably going to be in more pain.

It’s estimated that for every 10lbs lost you reduce around 40lbs of pressure on knees and ankles, and this may make use of OTC pain relief products for these joints much more effective.

Focus on Range of Motion

OTC pain relief is straightforward if you’re dealing with pain caused by one specific incident or injury. It’s a different story when someone is looking for the best pain relief cream because they are in chronic pain due to arthritis or another long-term condition. Treating pain at the site is important, but with arthritis especially it is equally important to work on maintaining range of motion within the affected joints.

Have a look at these range of motion exercises and use them if your arthritis is getting worse and OTC pain relief products are not as effective as they once were for you. The benefit of these exercises is they often result in the person having better posture too, which has a whole bunch of health benefits of its own.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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