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Revolution for cats best price

Revolution for cats best price

Revolution is a topical medicine not only for cats but also for dogs too. As the name suggests, the medicine provides a revolutionary treatment against dangerous parasites like ear mites, heartworms, and fleas. In dogs, the medicine even works against the common American Dog Tick. Meanwhile, for cats, the medicine is highly recommended to prevent and treat ticks and fleas. When parasites feed off from your dog or cat, they not only harm the pet, but they also cause problems for pet owners too. Here is everything you must know about Revolution as well as where to buy Revolution for cats.

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The skin disease scabies or sarcoptic mange can also be treated by using monthly doses of Revolution. Moreover, since both cats and dogs love to play in the mud, they quickly become targets of hookworms and roundworms. With Revolution at hand, you no longer have to worry about these pests since these are treated effectively once you get your pet started on the medicine. All in all, Revolution is the complete solution for a great defense system against these harmful invaders. You can enjoy Revolution for cats best price by purchasing it from Canada Pharmacy.

Why use Revolution for cats?

There is no parasite that causes as many problems for your cat as fleas and ticks do. Both of these are pesky parasites that lead to excess itching, allergic dermatitis, irritation, and other similar problems for your beloved feline. Plus, fleas have the power to multiply quickly which is why it is also tough to get rid of them. One possible remedy for your cat is Revolution, which can also work as a preventative. However, you must first get an approval from your vet!

What is Revolution and how does it work?

As mentioned earlier, Revolution is a topical product for parasite control, particularly in pets. The product is available for both kittens and cats, however, make sure to use the product only when the kitten is more than eight years old. Remember never to use it before your doctor approves. Manufactured by Pfizer, Revolution is the brand name given to the chemical ingredient, Selamectin which is also the active ingredient in the product. The chemical can effectively kill adult fleas while also preventing their eggs from hatching. Thus, it can be said that the product is effective for disrupting the lifecycle of the flea, thus playing a crucial role in ending infestations. The active ingredient Selamectin kills ear mites as well. Similarly, it can also prevent the deadly heartworm disease and treat both hookworm and roundworm infections.

What is the right dosage of Revolution for your cat?

When it comes to the appropriate dosage that should be given to your kitten, it is best to consult your vet about it first. Plus, you should also thoroughly read the warnings and directions given by the manufacturer before you apply the product.

The dosage depends primarily on the weight of your cat, and the packages are labeled and color-coded for cats according to weight, making it easier for buyers to pick the right one. The standard dose that should be given to your cat is 2.7 mg of Selamectin for every pound of the cat’s weight.

Once you have picked out the right color-coded product, you will have to use one pre-dosed tube in one go. So, for instance, if your cat weighs roughly around 5 pounds, you will have to use a 15 mg tube from the mauve colored box. Similarly, if your cat weighs somewhere between 5 and 15, then you should use a 45 mg tube from the blue colored box.

Usage of Revolution

For determining usage too, it is best if you take help from the product label and your vet so that you can safely and surely use Revolution to get rid of the fleas on your kitten. The package instructions mention in detail how you should use the pre-dosed tube applicators. Plus, your vet can also help demonstrate the right application technique. The standard use of Revolution to control flea infestation is to use it once a month. Ideally, the medicine should be started one month before the flea season arrives so that your cat can be completely safe from a flea infestation.

If there are fleas present when Revolution is used, then in just within 36 hours, almost all the adult fleas should die. Similarly, when Revolution is used, then no existing egg should also hatch. You also need to remember that applying Revolution won’t kill the fleas on an untreated pet or anywhere else in the environment. However, it can help to keep the fleas off your cat for an entire month.

Steps to apply Revolution in cats

Revolution has a non-greasy formula which is also easy to apply. Perhaps, the greatest advantage that Revolution has is that it is a topical solution which helps to get rid of the hassle of feeding an oral pill to your cat. When you give Revolution to your cat every month, you provide it protection from 5 parasites; fleas, ear mites, hookworms, roundworms, and heartworms. Applying Revolution involves a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Press the cap

You need to press the cap of the medicine until you hear a click sound. You need to hold the tube upright and apply a little pressure to the cap so that the seal is punctured. Then, remove the cap and ensure the tip is open.

  • Step 2: Part the hair and apply

The next step is to part the hair on the base of the neck until you see some skin. Then, touch the tip of the tube on the visible skin. Squeeze the tube at least 3 to 4 times on the same spot until you are sure that the tube is empty.  

  • Step 3: Glide and discard

Once you think that the tube is empty, keep it squeezed while gliding it along the skin. Make sure to go away from the liquid and then lift off. Finally, make sure the tube is completely empty before you throw it out. You can discard it normally like other trash.

Benefits of Revolution

  • You only need to administer the medicine only one time in a month to provide complete protection for 30 days.
  • It is effective and safe for both cats as well as dogs that are more than 6 weeks old
  • Protects cats from roundworms, hookworms, ear mites, and fleas.
  • It can treat mange which is a severe skin disease which leads to severe itching and excessive hair loss
  • It has the ability to fight surface infections that are present both internally and externally.

Drawbacks of Revolution

  • Since Selamectin enters the bloodstream of the pet, the medicine can’t be saved from flea bites that are quite painful
  • In sensitive pets, the medicine can cause skin irritation and fur discoloration
  • For some, the medicine can prove quite costly for only a single treatment

Where to buy Revolution for cats?

You can purchase Revolution online from the comfort of your own home by simply visiting Canada Pharmacy. Not only can you enjoy Revolution for cats best price, but you can also get the medicine delivered so that you can quickly and effectively provide protection to your cats from fleas.

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Wrapping it up

Revolution for cats is ideal since almost all cats are comfortable with topical treatments as compared to oral supplements. If you live in a place where infestations are frequent, then it is better to get your cat started off on the treatment as soon as you can. Now that you know where to buy Revolution for cats and how to get Revolution for cats best price, it is time that you provide your cat with the protection it needs!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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