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What is the Best Injection for Knees? – Osteoarthritis

synvisc injection

Pickleball is a wonderful game invented for people who want the fun, challenge, and workout of a game of tennis but can’t be streaking from side to side across the court. The whiffle ball slows things down nicely and you don’t need any sort of power from your strokes. It’s a game that’s more popular with older folks because it’s not so hard on the knees. Osteoarthritis can really do a number on your knees as you age, but nowadays the Synvisc injection is available for effective arthritis pain relief.

And we’re not just talking about temporary relief. A Synvisc injection provides up to 6 months of arthritis pain reduction, and that makes the slight discomfort of the injection as it happens well worth it. If you are especially pain sensitive, then you’ll like to hear that this injection is administered by your doctor and they will numb the injection site with a topical numbing agent and the joint itself may be numbed with an injection too.

Do you still have apprehensions? Individuals who have received a Synvisc injection generally rave about what it’s done to recuperate their knee and make it so that they can bend and exert themselves how they please without pain. Maybe for some that will mean trading in their pickleball paddle for a return to a tennis racquet, but for others it will be a simpler reclamation. That might be just being able to go for long walks like they used to.

For many people osteoarthritis in knees can’t be avoided as they age, although maintaining a healthier body weight is one thing people can do to remove the pressure part of the equation. Excess body weight and knee pain can be connected, although the excess weight won’t be the cause of the pain as much as it is the reason knee pain is worse than it would be on its own.

Previous generations could only rely on NSAID anti inflammatory medications to manage osteoarthritis pain, so those who are just starting to experience it these days are fortunate to have treatment alternatives. The Synvisc injection is one of them, and it is an FDA approved knee osteoarthritis treatment option.

H is for Hyaluronan

We imagine you could name a hundred words that begin with H in hurry, but we’d be Hyaluronan wouldn’t be among them. Certainly, it isn’t a common word, but if you have osteoarthritis knees pain it may be one that’s soon to be added to your vocabulary. Hyaluronan in the right amount is essential for keeping joints in the body properly lubricated, and knees included of course. Osteoarthritis means the person has an insufficient amount of it lubricating their joints, and the Synvisc injection replace the deficiency with a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid.

The reason these injections for knee pain relief are getting as much fanfare as they are because they work fast – many people are experiencing benefits and less knee pain within days of getting their injection. You may need more than one depending on the severity of your osteoarthritis, but fortunately doctors are adept at determining this for people and most are just fine with however many are necessary to get osteoarthritis pain relief.

Additional Approaches

It is a good idea to see a physiotherapist if you have chronic knee pain, although arthritis can be different. The most basic rule to keep in mind with arthritis is that some movement is necessary to prevent arthritis from becoming worse. For most people they develop osteoarthritis in one knee more than the other because we all favor one leg more than the other and for most it’s the right leg. Physiotherapist will be able to advise you on non-impact repetitive movements that you can do, and they may recommend that you also do light strength training for leg muscles.

Keeping the muscles around the knee strong promotes more natural and strong movement when walking or bending up or down, and the quadriceps. That’s why using a pair of small dumbbells or resistance bands to do squats at home is one example of what a physiotherapist might recommend for you if have a knee arthritis. Activity modification may be a possibility too, and for some people who are used to walking or a treadmill for exercise switching to an elliptical might be a better choice.

Finally, some people have found that acupuncture for knee arthritis is something that’s been very helpful. Arthritis pain is chronic pain, and arthritis has long been known for effective chronic pain management.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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