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What is Deramaxx for Dogs - What is Deramaxx Used For in Dogs

what is deramaxx for dogs

Watch any TV commercial promoting health dog food and you’ll always seen a dog that is full of energy and bounding around with a real spring in their step. The vitality of youth goes away for pets in the same way it does for us though. When dogs get older that spring in their step declines a lot faster than those energy levels, and if they develop osteoarthritis they can lose pretty much all of it. But if you have an older arthritic dog you don’t have to just accept this reality. What is Deramaxx for dogs? It’s a dog arthritis relief medication that allows your dog to retain some mobility and joint flexibility in older age.

And if your dog is one that has always enjoyed time outdoors then this become such a positive thing. using an anti inflammatory for dogs may also make them much more likely to fetch the ball or hop into the water like they used to. Of course every dog will have different results to using the medication, and in much the same way it is for humans their arthritis is better managed when the dog is at a healthier body weight. This is especially true when it is the knees that are most arthritic. Humans and all other animals have that weight coming right down on their knees when they are upright.

Dogs do have the advantage of having that weight distributed onto 4 legs rather than 2, but it’s true that dogs can have osteoarthritis that’s really debilitating. A dog arthritis medication will usually make all the difference in the world though, and Deramaxx is one of the ones prescribed very often for dog arthritis relief. We’ll look at what is Deramaxx for dogs in more detail here, and also point out some other approaches you can try to help your dog with arthritis.

Post-Surgery Pain Relief Too

Another part of what is Deramaxx for dogs is that it can be used for post-surgery pain relief too, and vets will often prescribe it for pain relief after dental surgery for dogs. Again, just like humans a dog’s dental health commonly worsens as they get older and dental surgery is not uncommon. Dogs get chipped teeth too, and although you may not be aware of it there are dental implants for dogs too. In the event of either being solution for a badly damaged tooth surgery will be required and it is quite likely your dog will need a medication like Deramaxx for effective pain relief.

The added bonus in all of this has nothing to do with what is Deramaxx used for in dogs, and instead it has everything to do with how easy it is to administer to your pet. Some dogs may resist against taking oral meds, but there is a single dog on earth that doesn’t like a tasty treat. Where we’re going with this is that this dog arthritis medication is a flavored chewable tablet, and so your pet won’t even be aware he or she is being given medication.

Sometimes adding an OTC arthritis medication for pets like Flex 2500 can really add to the effectiveness of the Rx medication they’re already taking for their joint pain and immobility. OTC medications like these ones promote cartilage regeneration, and while we won’t get too much into the biology of it all what healthy cartilage does is provide more of a cushion between the bones of joints that have become arthritic. Better cartilage = less debilitation from arthritis, even if the level of inflammation occurring is the same.

Other Therapy Approaches

Likely we’re all fairly clear on what is Deramaxx for dogs by this point, so let’s shift our focus now over to other and wrap up with more radical approaches to treating dog arthritis. There’s plenty of dogs that like to swim, and equally many others that don’t like the water. But most of them will at least be willing to walk thought it, and underwater treadmills for dogs can be a way to keep them getting the exercise they need as well as staying mobile enough to moderate arthritis while not being so painful.

Last but not least, another supplementary treatment approach will be to use nutraceuticals that contain glucosamine, chondroitin, or MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). A very good product to consider that you can buy without a prescription is Purica Pet Recovery. Anything we haven’t covered for what is Deramaxx? Consider asking a veterinarian as they will be very knowledgeable about everything related to treating dog osteoarthritis.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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