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What is Metacam for Dogs - What is Metacam Used for in Dogs

what is metacam for dogs

Humans will never even have 1/100th of the sense of smell that dogs do, but the trade off there is that dogs don’t have the critical thinking and sensory input abilities that we do. One of the primary benefits of that is our ability to comprehend and learn from reading, and that is the primary way we learn of what we can expect later in life. We will all be aware that no one avoids getting old, and it’s from reading that we learn that arthritis may well be equally inevitable in our old age. Dogs won’t know arthritis is on their horizon, but they’ll know when the pain and stiffness arrives – and you will certainly see it in them too. Treatment is important, so what is Metacam for dogs?

Metacam is an effective arthritis medication for dogs that is part of the NSAID class of medications used to reduce the severity of inflammatory conditions. That’s your answer to what is Metacam for dogs. Unlike us, dogs are on all fours nearly all of the time and that enhanced weight distribution is beneficial compared to the way we have all of our weight on 2 legs and not 4. But arthritis is still a problem for many once they get upwards of 8 years old or so, and we always need to keep in mind that dogs age 7 years for every one human year, and there is also more to how a dog ages.

And also just like humans, some dogs will have much more severe arthritis. Many of them may benefit from supplementing their dog arthritis medication with the same type of OTC arthritis supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate that many of us take in our old age to make an Rx arthritis medication more effective. For dogs Glyco Flex is a good example of a medication you can get without a prescription and then pair it with Meloxicam. Something to consider around what is Metacam used for in dogs, and especially given the fact that you will always want to help your dog as best you can with this.

Honey, Honey

Bees are a blessing, and that goes far beyond their ability to make honey. The role bees play in pollenating plants is huge and it’s important that people understand that bees and wasps are entirely different species. It’s not easy to find a 2-legger that doesn’t like the taste of something sweet, and that applies to 4-leggers too. Where we are going with this around what is Metacam for dogs is that it’s so easy to administer to your dog is being a honey flavored oral suspension that can be either dripped right into the mouth or added to their food.

Nothing to do with what is Metacam for dogs, but some of them love to lick the bowl after you’ve had yogurt and this is one of many examples of other ways you can administer this dog arthritis relief medication. You can mix it into any type of food if they’re not okay with having it dropped directly into their mouths. But it seems that the majority of them are and it’s unlikely your dog will be the exception to that. Metacam may also be prescribed for dog hip dysplasia treatment or for relief of post-surgery pain for dogs. Dental surgery is a common application here and having trouble with their teeth is common for older dogs in the same way it is for senior humans too. With all of this in addition to osteoarthritis, equally problematic for many pet owners once they get into older age.

Additional Approaches

With our answer to what is Metacam for dogs clearly provided, you know it is a good dog arthritis relief medication. And fortunately it seems to work very well for most dogs. But for others it may only provide partial relief from the pain, stiffness, and immobility. If that’s the case with your dog then you may want to expand your horizons when it comes to an effective dog arthritis treatment.

There are added approaches owners can try to improve treatment outcomes for their pets, and often this is something that is needed for dogs that have severe osteoarthritis and don’t respond as well to medications like Metacam or others. What is recommended here is:

  • Controlling the animal’s weight more effectively through diet and exercise
  • Providing a more comfortable living environment that takes their diminished physical capacities into account
  • Arranging for physical therapy and / or massage if helpful
  • Contributing to ways the daily activities can be easier and less painful
  • Working to manage any other medical problems that are contributing factors

What is Metacam for dogs? It may be the right medication for you dog, and especially if they can’t take Previcox because of liver or kidney health risks.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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