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What is Panacur for Dogs - How Does Panacur Work

what is panacur for dogs

Mention the word worm and most people will immediately think of an earthworm. Those worms are quite an upstanding species given what they do to promote healthy soil, and fish are huge fans too. Not all worms are good and beneficial this way though, and when it comes to parasitic worms and pets then roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms are some of the worst. That’s because not only are they harmful, they’re also plenty sneaky. Prevention is key, and most dog owners will use a worm prevention medication. So what is Panacur for dogs? It is one of those dewormer medications.

Now if dog owners are looking for someone to blame for tapeworms here, the blame can mostly go to another one of those nasty parasites that torment dogs – fleas. Biting is what fleas do, and sometimes those bites transfer worm microfilariae to the dog. Then they grow into worms and quite often the dog owners has absolutely no idea this is happening. The worms will make their presence known, but not until they’ve grown to full maturity and putting the dog’s health at real risk while doing that.

That’s just one of the ways dogs can get worms. They can also get them inadvertently just by eating, although that may be eating things other than ‘food’. So it’s here that dog owners will say this means war, and there’s going to be every effort made to prevent worms from ever getting started with setting up shop inside their pet. The medication works especially well and it can be relied on to kill worms in dogs, but it’s important that you follow the cycle for it.

We’ll talk about that as part of our discussion of what is Panacur for dogs here, as well as go into more detail about how does Panacur work, what are the greater risk factors and what else you can do to prevent worms in dogs. Because again these are not fleas we’re talking about, and it is not nearly as readily apparent when a dog has worms.

Villain #1 – Roundworms

The type of worm that dogs get most often is roundworms, and they are the ones that most commonly acquired by bad eating habits. Sometimes puppies will get the larvae through their mother’s milk, and roundworm infestations are more dangerous for puppies because the spot these worms take aim at is the lungs, and a puppy’s body is still growing and the organs don’t have the resiliency they do when they’re already full developed. Roundworms can also harm the liver, so in addition to what is Panacur for dogs the question then is how long does Panacur take to work?

It works pretty fast. How fast exactly? Worm and worm larvae will start dying within 30 minutes to 1 hour of administering the medication. That is provided you are administering it properly, and dog owners will always be encouraged to follow the instructions in their prescription exactly in the same way they would when using flea killer medication to eliminate other parasites. Many times a dog or cat owner will choose a medication that kills worms and fleas, and that’s a possibility for you here too if your dog is having difficulty with both.

Villain # 2 – Hookworms

Next up with our talk around what is Panacur for dogs is hookworms, and these parasitic worms are aptly named because they have a hook shape to them and overall they’re about the size of penny, although there was once a report from a woman who claimed she had found one that was as big as her dog’s scrotum. That definitely sounds far fetched, but hookworms do get bigger over time if the problem is not dealt with quickly. We’ve covered how Panacur works, and it is exactly the same for this type of invader.

The active ingredient (Fenbendazole) works to impair the worms’ cellular function , and this causes them to die. Which is a darn good thing because hookworms have a different destination in mind – the intestines – and when they’re allowed to do their thing the dog will have gut problems with excessive diarrhea and other very unpleasant symptoms.

Villain #3 – Whipworms

Deal with any type of parasitic worm even once and you’ll be committed to that fight as often as you have to fight it, and you’ll also be very clear on what is Panacur for dogs. This medication is equally effective to get rid of whipworms in dogs, and it kills those worms in exactly the same way. Whipworms have the intestines as their residence of-choice too, but of all 4 of these worms they are the least common.

Villain #4 – Tapeworms

Dogs get tapeworms exclusively from bites, and usually flea bites. So if your dog has a problem with fleas and then a short time later they are losing weight for no explainable reason then you can make that possible connection with tapeworms. A visit to the vet will confirm that one way or another, but knowing what is Panacur for dogs may be just what he or she suggests a worm elimination treatment for the dog.

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