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What is the Average Age of Menopause

what is the average age of menopause

There’s all sorts of sayings crafted around the fact that people are living longer and enjoying life more into middle age and beyond. ’40 is the new 20’ is one of them. While people who are into the 5th decade are past that, probably fair to say most of them are living life to the fullest more than previous generations of 50 somethings. That’s a good thing for sure, but for women in this stage of their life menopause can really put a damper on the good times. Many enjoy being empty nesters now, and there’s more definitely more time for the hubby. More about that later. So what is the average age of menopause? Most women will start menopause between the ages of 50 and 52.

Premature menopause is possible, and in rare cases some women can actually begin it well before age 45. This is very rare though. And some women who are around that age and have done all the child bearing they plan to do see it as something to get out of the way now. Power of positive thinking, and one of the things that can promote early menopause is if a woman has never had children or has a real fondness for smokes. Another mention around what is the average of menopause is that many women find it onsets around the same time it did for their mother or older sisters if they have any. This is about only the only determiner of when the average age of menopause will happen for you.

Mention the word menopause and most women will jump right to the symptoms. But before menopause happens a woman will go through perimenopause, and this is where the body starts to make its transition based on the fact there is not as much estrogen in the body as there was before. This hormonal balance is what is at the root of menopause for women, and effective menopause relief medications like Activella work by providing a synthetic hormone so that the body is not as traumatized by the sudden drop in estrogen once the reproductive years are done.

Make it Later?

We’ll look at what is the average age of menopause here in more detail, but most of what you’ll need to know is that you can expect it in your early 50s. More of interest for people may be how to get relief from menopause, or what’s the best place in town to get great sausage. We won’t be able to provide anything on the second part of that, but we will be to share some information about the first part that you might find helpful. Night sweats and hot flashes are also perimenopause symptoms too, but there are other ones that you won’t associate with menopause. But they might be ones that suggest this stage of your life is about to get underway.

Unexplained sleeping difficulties and thinning hair are two of them, and for some women with a big bosom they may see that they have lost some of the fullness in their breasts. The next slant on this is that some women will wonder if it is possible to delay menopause. This is actually true, and it mostly depends on diet. Getting a lot of oily fish (like mackerel), and foods rich in vitamin B6 and zinc may means that menopause doesn’t come on as early as it would otherwise. On the flip side of that if eat a lot of refined pasta and rice then you become more of a candidate for earlier menopause.

Defy Dryness

Earlier here we talked about how many women find there is a boost in the amorousness between them and their husbands after the children have grown up and moved out. That’s the scenario for a lot of women who have become menopausal, but here’s where another menopause symptoms gets in the way often. It has nothing to do with what is the average age of menopause or the best types of menopause therapy, but when vaginal dryness occurs it can really take away from the intimate moments these women have with their husband.

If this is a cause for concern for you once you start into menopause, then there’s equally good news on the pharmacology front. Premarin cream is excellent for vagina dryness relief, and a lot of ladies have raved about how effective it is has been for them. Now that you’re clear on what is the average age of menopause, if you’re approaching it then maybe you want to start preparing yourself for the ‘challenge’ of it now. If there’s one thing to take solace in, it is the fact that menopause is in fact only temporary. Something you may need to remind yourself of from time to time.

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