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What Makes Trelegy Better Than Other Inhalers?

what makes trelegy different

Everyone’s bound to have different opinions, and some people are the type that tend to be loyal to brands. That’s all fine and good when we’re talking about consumer goods, but when it’s medical supplies, then people are much less interested in that and exclusively interested in whether that’s going to provide them with the relief they need. This is true, mostly when it happens to be in terms of COPD inhalers like the Trelegy Ellipta, and it’s true for many other devices people use to suffer less. Mostly when dealing with something they’ve had the misfortune of being born with. But what makes Trelegy different?

What makes it different is that it is a combination medication for COPD. And not just a 2-way combination like most, the Trelegy Ellipta inhaler is a 3-way combination inhaler that takes on the inflammatory response behind COPD from 3 different angles. For certain people the nature of their bronchospasm response means that this COPD inhaler is more effective for restoring their ability to breathe naturally. We’ll talk more about how each medicinal ingredient in this inhaler contributes to the total relief package.

Let’s also consider that managing COPD requires a multi-tier approach, and you shouldn’t be relying on your COPD inhaler to ensure you don’t have the worst COPD attacks. Being aware of tips to improve quality of life with COPD is helpful, and many of the tips can have a direct effect on how well your COPD maintenance inhaler works for you. You may be wondering to yourself now about how much does Trelegy Ellipta cost, and why ordering medication online from Canada is the best way to get them.

3-Way Powerhouse

So, what makes Trelegy different? Let’s start with active ingredient number one – Fluticasone fumarate. Most COPD inhalers will contain some type of corticosteroid, and that’s because these medications work to minimize the body’s inflammatory response. If you’re a young person with COPD you may not know that inflammation of the airway is the reason it is sometimes hard for you to breathe. People with COPD have overactive cells, and Fluticasone works so that these cells aren’t able to be overactive to the extent they’d like to.

That’s part one of three, and the next active ingredient – Umeclidinium – is an anticholinergic. While the Fluticasone takes on the inflammatory response, this ingredient goes toe to toe with the forces making muscles around the airway tighten up to make the problem worse. It’s also part of what makes Trelegy different, as making the muscles relax is a way to still provide relief. This is important mostly if the inflammatory response isn’t being well suppressed by the medication within the inhaler.

Finally, we have Vilanterol as active ingredient number three. It completes the equation by attaching to beta-receptors and helps the muscles of the lungs relax. Sometimes dysfunction with signaling molecules can be more of a factor as to why muscles around the airway constrict so much. And between the two ingredients designed to counter involuntary muscles tightening one of them is likely going to be the needed fix.

Comparison to Anoro Ellipta

The COPD treatment medication that is most similar to Trelegy Ellipta is Anoro Ellipta, and if we’re going to look at what makes Trelegy different then comparing it directly to the Anoro Ellipta makes sense. Anoro is a 2-way combination COPD treatment medication, and what’s also important to note is that the Anoro medication is only indicated for COPD, and not asthma treatment. The Trelegy Ellipta inhaler can be used to treat either condition, and that is another part of what makes Trelegy different from other inhalers that have Umeclidinium and Vilanterol as active ingredients.

Which one is better for treating COPD isn’t going to be a part of what we’ll look at here in this entry. What we will look at is how there are cost differences, and as part of that how much does Trelegy Ellipta cost? Anoro Ellipta is the less expensive of the two, and for most people in America they’ll pay around $450 for a one-month supply of the medication. Trelegy Ellipta is usually around $600 for a month.

You can order COPD inhalers from Canada and pharmacies here, and for the Trelegy Ellipta you can order that same months’ supply of the medication for under $400. That’s some significant savings and that too may well be part of what makes Trelegy different if you’re going to order COPD medication from a Canadian pharmacy. It certainly does take a lot of the concern away for people who know they’ll no longer struggle to breathe.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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