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Why Is Combivent Respimat So Expensive?

why is combivent respimat so expensive

It’s commonly understood that when you are relieved of a stress or burden it’s a ‘weight’ off your shoulders, and that you can breathe ‘easier’. The part about your shoulders may be true, but if you’re a person with COPD then you could be the most worry-free person on earth and you still wouldn’t be breathing easily at all. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder is like asthma that way, but it’s different. The problem with both is related to airway hyper-responsiveness and that’s what medications like the Combivent Respimat inhaler work to neutralize. But why is Combivent Respimat so expensive?

The average Asthma inhaler cost is high too, so what gives here? There are a lot of factors that go into creating the high drug prices we see in America these days, and they’re the same ones that apply to high prices for COPD and asthma inhalers. In addition to the primary role of monopoly pricing and a lack of government regulation, there is also the fact that there’s literally thousands up on thousands of these inhalers purchased every week across the country. Does that volume bring prices down though? Certainly not yet.

It is expensive to research and manufacture drugs, but the high prices you see are more a reflection of middlemen getting a cut rather than recouping R&D costs. That’s the long and short of the most basic answer to why is Combivent Respimat so expensive. You’re not going to fix the system on your own, although there is some reason to be hopeful for lower drug prices eventually. Instead, the best thing to do is look for a way to pay less for inhalers and so many people now order medication online from Canada to do that.

Generic drugs are a way too, and fortunately there is generic Combivent Respimat available in both US pharmacies and reputable online pharmacies in Canada that serve the US.

Sticker Shock?

Sticker shock is an expression used when a person looks at the price tag of an item and is shocked at how much it costs. You may get sticker shock when looking an OTC medication, but Rx meds are behind the counter and won’t have any easy-to-find price tags on them. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the same experience with being somewhat ‘blown away’ by how much your medication costs. For people with COPD or asthma, it’s a bit of a double whammy too because you need your inhalers on an ongoing basis.

This is not any sort of one-and-done situation here with taking a medication to get over an infection or something similar. You’ll be going through inhalers one after another and that’s just the way it is when it comes to managing COPD. For a lot of people, paying less for them is something that has to be done. They may be asking why is Combivent Respimat so expensive, but they’re also probably asking how can I get a better price on these considering I need them on an ongoing basis?

These inhalers are bronchodilators, and they’re used to mitigate COPD or asthma attacks. For some people with COPD there is also a need to take a secondary medication for COPD like Daliresp to reduce the severity of those attacks when they do happen.

Using one while having a bronchodilator inhaler at the ready is as close as you’ll come to being more relaxed about your ability to breathe.

Additional Aid

No matter what type of poor health condition we’re talking about, it is nearly always true that you shouldn’t be thinking that all you need to do is take the medication and that’s all that’s required of you. You need to be proactive in the much bigger picture, and for people with breathing difficulties of this sort you are going to want to have a COPD management plan that brings a much bigger perspective to managing your lung and airway health.

Among those tips will be to avoid fried foods, or at least cut back on them if a Whopper and fries is too good to resist occasionally. Another will be to exercise more than you currently are, but that doesn’t have to mean strenuous exercise. Anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you break a sweat.

So go ahead and wonder to yourself why is Combivent Respimat so expensive, but we think it’s better to focus on finding more affordable medication ordered from Canada and try to buy your inhalers in larger quantities if you can get a prescription written for that.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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