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Push Back Against Parkinson’s: Xadago Medication


Steady as She Goes may be a standard expression for mariners and other seafarers, but keeping steady is darn impossible for anyone with Parkinson’s and no matter what gender they are. And we’re not even talking about getting ships safely into port. We’re talking about just walking, the basics of putting in one foot in front of the other. But another really debilitating aspect of Parkinson’s is the way it takes away from your dexterity with your hands. For many sufferers that’s the worst part of it. But for others it can be the abnormal movements of dyskinesia. Fortunately Xadago medication works well to counter that.

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Those abnormal movements have nothing to do with the muscles themselves, as they’re only responding to the nerve impulses that are being sent to them. The issue is stemming from dopamine levels in the brain being depleted far too much and far too rapidly. Xadago medication is part of the MAOI class of drugs that makes it so dopamine can’t be broken down as easily, and as a result Parkinson’s tremors are reduced. It also helps make them less rigid in their limbs, and in this way it can be very helpful for people who refuse to let the disease take away their daily productivity at work.

That’s the key focus for most people going through Parkinson’s treatment. They realize that what’s done is done as far as their developing the disease is concerned, and they likely are happy that advances in Parkinson’s disease treatment have made it so that they will likely have better treatment outcomes. In comparison to previous generations of people who’ve had Parkinson’s that is likely true. Xadago medication or another similar one is only going to be a part of that, as there is a physical therapy component that is very integral to Parkinson’s treatment too.

Defend Nerve Cells

We talked a little bit about how Parkinson’s works, but we haven’t explained anything on how it progresses and becomes worse. The reason that early detection and beginning treatment ASAP is important is because the dopamine deficiencies that cause Parkinson’s will continue to break down nerve cells. That includes certain cells that are involved in the production of dopamine in the first place, so it definitely has the potential to become a worsening cycle. Your doctor may recommend a stronger starting dose of Xadago medication depending on the severity of your condition.

A bit of an aside, but that leads us to a point that can be relevant for anyone taking a medication long-term for management of what could be a very life-changing disease if not treated. You’ve no choice but to take your medication as directed to get those better treatment outcomes, and Xadago medication is expensive – costing over $1,000 USD for 30 tablets without insurance or a copay arrangement. In this scenario looking into ordering medication online from Canada may make a lot of sense.

After all, there’s few people if any who are going to see a grand plus spent on medication a month as a minor expense. But enough about that. What about the best time to take Xadago and is there anything more people might want to know about this medication? Well for one thing you may need to be cautious if you have a common cold when taking this medication because cough relievers that contain dextromethorphan because that may cause a reaction depending on physiology.

Combo Approach

The standard dosage for Xadago is to take 2 50mg tablets a day, and that adds to how this medication can be expensive in the USA. If you are taking Xadago twice a day then The best time to take Xadago is in the morning and with your breakfast, then at a 12-hour interval from that time. So if you take it with your breakfast at 7am and then it’ll be ideal to take it with your dinner at 7pm. However, many people won’t be willing to delay their meal that long so if you take it at 6 that is fine. Try not to take it any earlier than that.

One of the things that should also be mentioned about Xadago medication is that it is usually used in combination with other medications for Parkinson’s treatment. The two most common ones are Levodopa and Carbidopa, and they are contained together in Sinemet medication. Many people treating Parkinson’s take this med exclusively and it is all that is needed, but if some people have more dyskinesia then their doctor may recommend they add Xadago medication to their treatment regimen too.

If that’s the best approach for you to restore as much more normal body motion and help stop involuntary movements as much as possible then it’s something you should definitely do. 2 medications more expensive than one? Sure, but you can always order medication online from Canada to pay less for it.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.