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Can Dust Cause Allergies?

can dust cause allergies

Dust cannot cause allergies, but it is possible to have dust allergies. Meaning you are allergic to dust, and having dust allergies is actually quite common. But here’s the thing. If we’re going to discuss can dust cause allergies it is going to be best if you’re not a person with entomophobia. If you’re wondering what any of this will have to do with bugs, continue reading. People with dust allergies are allergic to dust mites. They are microscopically tiny insects in the dust and when they are inhaled with the dust they trigger the immune system for some people.

Allergies from dust are possible, but it’s not the dust itself these people are allergic to. The natural follow-up question here is what are these microscopic insects doing in the dust to begin with? For the answer to that you can look to the largest organ of the human body. That’s the skin, and if you didn’t know that your skin is considered an organ – now you know. Dust mites are there and doing what they’re doing because they eat the dead skin we slough off every day as part of the skin’s daily regeneration process.

We all do it, all the time, and so that’s why if there’s dust in your house it contains dead skin cells, and it contain dust mites that are eating that dead skin. Alright, enough talk about insects but this is the long and short of can dust cause allergies. Yes, breathing dust can cause you to have allergic reactions and the same standard allergy symptoms – sneezing, watery eyes, and sinus irritation along with what many people call something that’s very similar to having a mild cold.

Elbow Grease – Or Antihistamines

So if you have dust allergies the next question becomes what can you do about it. Well, you can be a lot more fastidious about keeping your home clean. But unless you live in a bachelor pad or something similarly small it can be a pretty daunting task to clean to the extent you never have dust anywhere in your home. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible. Taking a good antihistamine medication like Allegra 24hr for dust allergy relief is much more realistic, although you’d be well advised to still clean to the best of your abilities at least.

It has nothing to do with can dust cause allergies, but home cleaning robots have certainly come a long way in recent years. But robots that can do dusting? Not sure about that, but if there are ones on the horizon they may be just what the doctor ordered for people who want a more permanent solution to dust allergy problems. The robot will be getting rid of the mites too, and for some people that is going to very much be a peace of mind thing.

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