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Canadian Pharmacy Online Will Help US Residents Save More in 2019

Canadian Pharmacy Online 2019

Here we are in 2019 now and one of the many realities that hasn’t changed is that prescription medication is often staggeringly expensive. This is especially true for individuals who don’t have prescription coverage in the health plan provided by their employer. The alternatives are often limited for these individuals, but one increasingly popular choice is to get their prescriptions filled by a Canadian pharmacy online. Not only is it a more affordable option most of the time, but many customers also like that they can have their prescription filled AND delivered right to their door.

Save more with a Canadian Pharmacy Online in 2019

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At times there’s a misconception that many different pharmaceutical products won’t be available from these Canadian pharmacies. This isn’t true for the most part, and only very rarely will one of these pharmacies be unable to fill your prescription. You can also trust in the fact that your prescription will be dispensed by a licensed pharmacist in the same way it would be at your local pharmacy in the US.

Ordering medications online from Canada is a good choice for many people, and some of the more popular prescription meds that you can get from a Canadian pharmacy online 2019 are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Propecia, Lipitor, and Celebrex. As well, many people all across the country order Synthroid online from Canada because of the much better prices available.

Why Medication Is Less Expensive from Canada

This is a very common question, and one that’s perfectly natural to be asked given the fact that the medication is the same and comes from the same manufacturer (as far as branded medication is concerned) in exactly the same dosage strengths. To answer it, we first need to consider that in many States there are regulatory agency costs and dispensing charges that Provinces in Canada do not have to include in their pricing.

The next reason why a Canadian pharmacy online is able to offer prescriptions for less is one that has nothing to do with national distinctions. Instead, it’s just simply in the fact that by being online they don’t have to assume the costs of operating a brick & mortar storefront. That takes away from overhead costs considerably, and that’s reflected favorably in the pricing.

The last consideration isn’t related to market regulations or pricing dynamics, but rather just the fact that the American dollar is worth more than the Canadian loonie. Your money goes a lot further north of the 49th, and the cost of even the most expensive medications can be reduced considerably. If the value of the Canadian dollar were to rise this advantage would be diminished, but that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon.

Other Reasons Why Medication is Expensive in America

The most expensive drugs are considered to be specialty drugs, meaning that they treat serious or life-threatening conditions and diseases. And in US, there are government-protected ‘monopoly’ rights for the manufacturers of certain drugs. This is paired with the fact that drug manufacturers are free to set their own prices, and in fact the US is the only country in the world that allows this practice.

When a drug manufacturer has a monopoly on a medication AND has the freedom to set whichever price they wish, profiteering can and does occur. Yes, generic drugs can be an option when someone is faced with this kind of sticker shock, but it takes years for a generic equivalent of a branded drug to come onto the market.

And when generics do become available, pharmacists in 26 states are required by law to get patient consent before switching to a generic version of the drug. This adds to costs overall too, although it’s not exactly understood why.

It’s for these reasons that shopping with a Canadian pharmacy online 2019 becomes a much more affordable option for Americans.

Shipping Advantages

As mentioned, a Canadian pharmacy online offers a number of free or discounted shipping options. Other pharmacies will have a minimum purchase amount for free shipping, while others will offer free shipping on any filled prescription. As you can imagine, geography plays a big part in just how much of an advantage it is to get free shipping to go along with the good prices at Canadian online pharmacies.

For those living in the northernmost States, you’ll almost certainly get your package in no time at all. Those living in the middle or southern States will be waiting longer for their prescription meds to be delivered, so that’s something you’ll have to take into consideration when considering buying from a Canadian pharmacy online.

Same Meds, Better Prices

The way a Canadian pharmacy online offers better prices is hard to not find appealing, and especially so if money’s tight for you. As mentioned, ever greater numbers of Americans are taking this route and getting prescriptions online from Canada. Generic versions of branded medications can also often be purchased more affordably, and again the medication is exactly the same as the one you’d get if you had the prescription filled at your local pharmacy.

Keep in mind as well that a Canadian pharmacy online is also usually able to make non-prescription pharmaceutical and health care products available for a discounted price in the same way as compared to what you’d pay in the States. Many of them will also let you order pet medications online from Canada too, which is a big plus too considering how so many people consider their dogs, cats, or other type of pet to be part of the family.

If your prescriptions are setting you back far too much, you are encouraged to look into this possibility and save yourself money on the medications you need.

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