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How to Save Money on Popular Gout Medication

gout medication

Some people might say cherry is their favourite summertime fruit, but they might not be as crazy about cherry juice if they were drinking it in volume to deal with excruciating pain in their toes. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, cherry juice is a natural cure for gout – a painful joint condition and arthritis type most often occurring in the big toe. Anyone who’s had gout will tell you just how bad it is, but an effective gout medication and some cherry juice should it make it so that you are able to overcome the way gout makes taking steps without being in pain into a real challenge.

Another thing those same people will tell you is that when gout is just starting to onset it’s more of a fiery sensation in your toe rather than a painful one. If you start to see swelling and distending of the outside of your big toe that’s a telltale sign too, and you’ll soon have full on gout. Gout tends to affect men more often than it does for women, and so that may mean knowing you’re going to have to stay off your foot as much as possible for the next little while. The few times women do get gout is after menopause.

The pain of gout comes from inflammation, and most inflammation-related conditions are treated with anti-steroidal drugs. Using gout medication takes a different approach, and they are classed as uricosuric drugs. Excess uric acid buildup is what causes the joint to become inflamed, and so these gout medications like Probenecid and others from the same class work by getting the kidneys to expel more uric acid from the body.

Using gout medication for pain will be a must unless you have the highest tolerance for pain, so let’s look at gout medication choices along with more about what causes got and what you can do to be able to skip all of this and not have to drink juice therapeutically.

Purine Problem

Most probably will switch the E with an A and think of a popular dog food brand when they hear the word purine. But what we’re talking about here is the real cause of gout. The body produces uric acid when it needs to break down purines, which is a natural substance in the body. However, it’s one that most people who don’t get gout don’t have too much of. Gout most commonly affects men who eat too much red meat and drink too much beer.

So in short, a lot of people intake way too many purines through food and drink which then creates more uric acid. This is how gout begins, and before long they’ll start on a gout medication that will provide them with relief. Zyloprim is another one that may be prescribed, and it’s a medication that is also used to treat kidney stones – another extremely painful condition where uric acid is often at the root of it.

Vaccine Concerns

People who have their gout under control can have it flare back up, and ‘flareups’ can happen for any number of reasons. A good gout medication can be taken to counter it or prevent flareups from happening. These days there is so much news around COVID vaccinations and one of the things that has been discussed for a long time even before the pandemic was around whether vaccinations increase the chances of gout flareups. It has nothing to do with gout medication for pain, but the consensus seems to be that 9 times out of 10 the benefit of getting a vaccine far outweighs the risk you have that it might make your gout flare up again.

Sometimes a man will get such severe gout that it is elsewhere besides just in his toes. If it’s in the ankle and knee on either side too it may be a larger and more widespread inflammatory response to extremely high uric acid levels. This is called hyperuricemia, and in these instances a gout medication like Uloric is often the best fit with its gout treatment drugs formulation designed for enhanced kidney stimulation for uric acid elimination.

We’ll wrap things up here by going back to where we started – on the topic of cherry juice for gout. It’s not a substitute for gout medication, but the it provides some relief as cherries are loaded with a type of bioflavonoid that counters uric acid production in the body.

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