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Manage Menopause: How to Apply Premarin Cream Externally

how to apply premarin cream externally

Imagine one specific obscene word that begins with M that some women might use to describe menopause. Saying that it is a m-, and it’s perfectly fine to talk that way if you’re inclined. Menopause is as unpleasant as can be, but there isn’t a single woman around 50 who is going to avoid it as long as she’s still breathing. It’s natural to think of night sweats and hot flashes when someone hears the word menopause. However for some women it also involves a lot of dryness and discomfort ‘down there.’ Premarin cream provides relief, and that leads to the question of how to apply Premarin cream externally.

This menopause treatment medication is super effective for addressing the symptom of dryness and irritation. It can also reduce dyspareunia so that women can enjoy sex without pain. Being older doesn’t mean intimacy with your partner ends, so obviously this is a real issue. The way it is easy to apply and provides real relief adds to the appeal of Premarin cream, and this makes it important to know how to apply Premarin cream externally. Rebalancing hormones is what makes relief from dryness possible, and Premarin’s active ingredient is conjugated estrogens.

Estrogen and progesterone are the female hormones at issue here, and the fact that during menopause levels of both go way down is what creates the problem. That’s what promotes the onset of menopause symptoms, but using Premarin cream makes menopause much more tolerable. Remember also that it doesn’t last forever, but having to go through it without some sort of menopause relief would be far too hard on any woman.

There is more to discuss around how to apply Premarin cream externally, and that can include information on Premarin cream dosage. It’s a simple process and it would be surprising if anyone had difficulty with it. As much as knowledge as possible is helpful for women who are in menopause now.

Thin Means Dry

The dryness is caused when a woman is in menopause because the walls of the vagina are progressively thinner and thinner. Estrogen and progesterone levels being down to that extent means the tissue becomes thinner. This is in response to the body understanding there’s no more need for pregnancy readiness. Dryness happens as less tissue thickness means there are fewer cells producing moisture, and the discomfort comes from that. This makes it so that with how to apply Premarin cream externally, it has to be applied to that tissue.

Working well to prevent painful sex during menopause is where Premarin hangs its hat, along with the way it stops the dryness that results in the pain. There may be other factors, and while lower hormone levels are unavoidable you can order medication online from Canada if menopause medication is something you’d struggle to afford. The quality of their sex life remains the biggest concern for most. Being apprehensive about being intimate with their husband will be unacceptable for any woman. After all, it is an important part of your life and you shouldn’t have to make compromises.

Application Method & Added Effectiveness

Let’s now get right to how to apply Premarin cream externally. It is a simple process. Start by using the included applicator to measure your doctor-indicated dose exactly along the opening and then apply the cream 1x per day for next 6 days. The next 21 days you do not use the product, and this will be part of the instructions in your prescription along with indicating the Premarin cream dosage that is right for you.

That’s everything you’ll need to know for how to apply Premarin cream externally to treat vaginal dryness and dyspareunia. So then is there anything can do yourself to make your menopause treatment medication more effective? Yes, you can likely make your treatment with Premarin more effective and reduce pain during sex. Plus it’s something that most women will agree to quite happily. Sexually stimulating yourself promotes vaginal blood flow and more secretions, which will work out to you having less dryness.

Knowing how to apply Premarin cream externally is helpful, but pelvic floor exercises for women in menopause can be an effective self-treatment addition for vaginal dryness in menopause. There are also some yoga poses that may promote less pain and better lubrication for that area of the body. That goes along with all sorts of whole-body benefits from doing yoga for women of any age.

When you know how to apply Premarin cream externally you are ready to start using the medication and neutralizing this particular menopause symptom you’re dealing with.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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