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Eldoquin Forte to Lighten Dark Spots

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It might sound crazy to some, but there are people that think that sometimes a facial scar can be attractive. This tends to be more true for women and their perception of men rather than vice versa, and apparently when the scar has a good story behind it is a ‘noble scar’. Now of course most of the time that isn’t going to be the case, but at least there’s the possibility of it. But something that is more common for both genders and universally considered attractive are dark spots on the skin. They tend to happen more as you get older, but hydroquinone is very effective for getting rid of dark spots.

Some individuals may have spent time in the sun in their youth, without proper sun protection, and as a result have dark spots on their skin. Others may have cuts that got infected before they were stitched up and turned brown from sun exposure. And for some individuals it’s just as simple as what we talked about earlier when it comes to what causes dark spots on skin – they’re ‘age’ spots and all that’s behind that is the fact they’ve gotten older like we all do eventually. It’s always going to be that some people are not as self conscious about dark spots, scars, or any other undesirable development when it comes to their skin.

Well, good for them. For the rest of you who are much more self-conscious about it there’s nothing wrong with that, and using a product like Eldoquin Forte and the active ingredient hydroquinone will work to reduce dark spots on your face. Or anywhere else on your body where they are always going to be a bother for you if you don’t do something about them. You apply it to your skin twice a day, following good skin cleansing hygiene practices while using it, and over time you’ll see that it’s possible to make dark skin lighter again.

Fair Skin Disadvantage

People of European ancestry and anyone else with genetics that give them light skin will have dark more pronounced and noticeable dark spots on their skin. The lower levels of pigmentation in the skin means there’s no way around that, and it’s one among many reasons why some people are more at risk with excessive sun exposure. People of color will find that dark spots on the skin are less noticeable, and they may be more likely to just accept them rather than others with lighter skin who will be very keen to know how hydroquinone can make dark skin spots less noticeable.

 The way hydroquinone works is very simple; skin cells go through a process where more plume is created when the cells becomes damaged or having degraded from aging. Hydroquinone slows that process considerably, despite not stopping it entirely. Many users will still have discoloration, but it won’t be nearly as dark.

Torso and Up

Eldoquin is easily applied topically to the skin, and the areas where it’s most put is on the back of hands, face, back, and shoulders. All body regions above the hips, and – as life would have it - 2 of those 4 spots are ones that are regularly exposed on us and in the summertime, there might be times it is all 4 of them. There’s a lot to be said for eating the right fruits and vegetables to have healthier skin and skin that IS in better health is going to be more resilient and less to have dark skin patches for whatever reason.

Sometimes it can’t be avoided no matter how well you eat, and that is definitely true if dark skin patches are caused by melasma, a condition that occurs to pregnant women when the production of certain hormones is overly triggered by the body’s response to the pregnancy. Melasma is sometimes called the ‘mask of pregnancy’ and while hydroquinone can be used to treat dark skin patches when pregnant it is not something that may be suitable. As is the case with many Rx medications your doctor may advise against using hydroquinone because there may be health risks associated with it.

The last thing we’ll say here about lightening dark skin patches is that for very lightly discolored dark patches you may get surprisingly good results from using a honey and oatmeal paste left on the skin overnight each night and the rubbed off vigorously in the morning. Honey is a humectant and emollient and oatmeal is a natural exfoliant, and this mix is all natural and will never be harmful for your skin like chemical skin bleaching products. Never use any type of unnatural products, without consulting your doctor, in the attempt lighten your skin.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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