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IUD Mirena for No-Pill Birth Control

iud mirena

Some devices can be a great ‘set it and forget it’ systems that make life a lot more manageable and easier. If you’re a woman who’s not the best with remembering to take your birth control pill on time, then you may want to look at birth control alternatives like and IUD. The Mirena birth control is increasingly popular these days. As a trusted IUD Mirena birth control is also a good choice for women who have intolerable side effects from oral birth control pills, or simply don’t want to have to take a pill daily to be protected from unplanned pregnancies.

Any young women that is hesitant to use implanted birth control should know that IUDs are designed better than ever these days and have a not-even-there like feeling of comfort and fit. The history of IUD birth control methods goes back nearly one (1) hundred years now, and originally IUDs were only approved for women who had already given birth to at least one child.

The insertion process was easier and less painful for women who’d already had one vaginal birth. But nowadays young women who have yet to have a first child can be prescribed and use IUDs as freely as anyone else.

What women really like about it is the same thing their husbands or partners like about it – that it allows for a much more spontaneous and enjoyable love life as it has a 99% protection rate against unplanned pregnancy with the ease of never missing taking a pill or having to use other barrier methods for reliable birth control.

And did we mention that this IUD birth control lasts a full five (5) years before it needs to be replaced? It’s true, and that’s another impressive part about the appeal of the IUD Mirena. Keep in mind that inserting an IUD and removing it is something that should be done by your physician or trained medical professional, and so of course if you decide to go off birth control before five (5) years is up you’ll need to make an appointment to have your IUD Mirena removed.

Fits with a Tee

That’s a purposely made twist on the actual expression of ‘to a tee’ there, but it ‘fits’ too because Mirena birth control is like all other IUD birth control in that they look a letter T. So while all of them will resemble a letter T, that’s where the similarities will end. IUD birth control implants will be either hormonal IUDs or Copper IUDs. The IUD Mirena is a hormonal birth control insert and what it does is release measured amounts of the hormone progestin to ‘trick’ the body into thinking it’s already pregnant, and prompting it to not release an egg.

That’s pretty much the long and short of how hormonal birth control methods work, and so in that way your Mirena IUD birth control isn’t formulated much differently that most oral birth control medications like Yasmin and others. Most will provide progestin, but the difference with the IUD Mirena is that all of that is 100% taken care of every month for five (5) years.

It’s not like taking birth control pills is challenging, but the fact is you do actually have to take them regularly and many women know the pain of missing just two pills and ending up with their period for a second time in one month. With Mirena birth control, you don’t need to concern yourself with anything at all. Once it is in place you can be as free and spontaneous as you like when it comes to being amorous with the object of your attraction!

Your Best Contraception Choice

Going with IUD Mirena or a similar long-lasting birth control method is going to be preferable for a lot of women, but coming to that decision is a process and you can start by learning more about different types of birth control if you’re new to all this stuff. Part of the reason most women use birth control pills for pregnancy prevention is that it’s a smaller expense that they have month to month, and while an IUD Mirena or similar type of birth control insert is better it’s also a much larger up-front cost.

Some of these hormonal birth control IUDs can cost more than $1000 if the person doesn’t have any way of making medication more affordable.

Fortunately most women have some way to pay less for birth control, and the Affordable Healthcare Act in the USA is that insurance providers need to pay all costs for birth control for plan members. If you’re one of them then you should consider an IUD rather then using monthly birth control medication because of that one specific advantage – you don’t need to take anything, and you get to go years without even having to think about it.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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