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medication for adhd

Being distracted and unable to focus from time to time is something that happens to everyone and it can be especially true when you’ve got a lot of tasks on the go. It can be difficult to give certain matters the attention they need if there is a lot more going on than you are able to effectively manage. You may struggle with paying attention from time to time too, but when it is really a problem is when undiagnosed ADHD is at play. ADHD is more common with young people nowadays due to our “always on” devices pinging for attention. For them the struggles with paying attention AND being overly hyperactive are ongoing. Medication for ADHD can help, along with behavioural therapy.

There have been estimates that about 1 in every 6 children in North America have ADHD to some degree, and many people believe there are environmental factors that contribute to children developing ADHD. There is no conclusive evidence for this claim, although the increasing incidences of the environmental conditions are resulting in more research being done. Once a young person does get diagnosed with ADHD it is usually as clear as day. Signs of an individual struggling with ADHD could present itself as lack of focus or difficulty studying to excel in school. No parent will want to see their child at a disadvantage to others, but for some affording medication is a real challenge and this can apply to medication for ADHD as well.

Options for paying less on Rx medication exist people are often choosing to have their prescriptions filled online by a trusted Canadian pharmacy that gets them a better price on their medications. There is no ADHD medication considered to be the “best”, but Strattera and Intuniv are two of the better choices. Both are available in generic equivalents and both the Intuniv and Strattera generic medications may be a good choice for primary caregivers who find that the brand name medication is too expensive.

Kids are back to school now and given the way the recent pandemic caused such disruption in schools parents are going to be even more determined than ever that their children don’t fall further behind. For a child struggling with ADHD that may be a taller order, so let’s look at how these medications work and what else can be done to level the playing field for them more.

Norepinephrine & Alpha Receptors

Both Strattera generic and Intuniv are known to be effective for mediating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Neither will completely restore normal mental focus capacities or entirely remove hyperactivity, but both will help with one end of that equation more than the other. Doctors who prescribe this medication will know of this difference and most likely prescribe Strattera for children who lack focus and exhibit behaviours of attention deficit disorder, and Intuniv for ones who are more hyperactive than having attention difficulties.

Norepinephrine is one of the 4 major neurotransmitters in the brain, and it’s the one that allows for normal focus abilities when it’s present in the right quantities. Therefore, Strattera generic is the best medication for ADHD when the attention deficit is the primary concern – it is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor medication that works to keep more norepinephrine in the brain for greater ability to focus.

Intuniv may be the better choice for children who have more problem with ‘sitting still’ and other behavioural issues due to ADHD and not the same level of concern for their ability to pay attention. Teachers will have the same level of care and devotion for every student in their class, but the kids who are far too wired and causing endless distractions are the ones that will test their patience the most. Intuniv is an excellent medication for ADHD and hyperactivity because it activates alpha receptors in the nervous system, slowing the heart rate and working to reduce the impulses.

Tips for Managing ADHD in Children

Children only spend a portion of their time at school and spend more time at home with their families, so here are some tips for managing children’s ADHD at home. Often, when parent a kid with ADHD, combining these approaches along with medication for ADHD is the best way to manage. The number one takeaway is that establishing structure and consistency goes a long way for helping children deal with ADHD and many times it’s something that benefits the parents too.

Ensuring the children get a good night’s sleep is important as well and if your child has ADHD as well as difficulty falling asleep, then one approach you can try is to have them listen to isochronic tones for sleep. They may sound strange to the ear, but they have the ability to produce more theta waves in the brain to induce sleep more effectively.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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