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Tradjenta Cost for Affordable Diabetic’s Insulin

tradjenta cost

The expression ‘rein it in’ has its beginnings in horse riding from days long past, and reins are what would be around the trunk of the horse and in the rider’s hand to control the animal. By reining the horse in, it is prevented from galloping too quickly and putting the rider in danger. You may be wondering, “how does this galloping horse relate to insulin and diabetes?” It relates to managing Type 2 diabetes will know the A1c hemoglobin test all too well, and they’ll many feel that the medication is far too expensive in America. Tradjenta is a diabetes management medication, and the Tradjenta cost is much less than the traditional solutions!

So, what a diabetic is going to want to ‘rein in’ is their A1c number (lower than 7.5 is what you’ll aim for) as well as the price they pay for their diabetes medication. Insulin is expensive no matter where you live, in America. If Tradjenta is what your doctor prescribes for you and the branded version of it is simply too expensive. The Tradjenta cost shouldn’t be the reason an individual requiring insulin doesn’t get what their body needs to regulate blood sugar levels, which could be putting them at risk of health complications related to unchecked high blood sugar.

A common symptom of diabetes is cataracts, it is among the nastiest and most common symptom of unchecked diabetes, but there are other equally unpleasant effects that an untreated individual can experience such as the stress and anxiety around monthly medical financial expenses. Consider the Tradjenta cost.

Cost of Tradjenta vs Januvia Tradjenta Generic Cost

Januvia is an oral diabetes pill that works in much the same way as Tradjenta, but comes with a higher price tag. Both help in managing blood sugar levels and keep A1c hemoglobin test scores down. Both Januvia and Tradjenta are most effective when paired with a healthy diet and exercise which help with diabetes management. That’s something you should keep in mind too if you’re beginning on either of these common medications for diabetes management. The diet changes may be difficult for a lot of people, but getting heart rate up with moderate physical exercise for 20 minutes a day with use of the right medication will do wonders. The goal is to not only manage the illness but live the healthiest and rewarding life diabetics can with all the time and resources available to do so.

Because most people reading this will be doing so with the intension of looking for a better price on prescription drugs and the Tradjenta cost, it’s good that alternatives to insulin exist, and Tradjenta and Januvia are two of the better ones. When specifically analyzing the cost of Tradjenta vs Januvia, we want to know if one is less expensive than the other before discussing a discussion and prescription made by your doctor.

Listed online; 30 tablets in the 5mg size of branded Tradjenta costs roughly $400+ from most pharmacies in America. That’s too expensive to pay for medication and especially for individuals that don’t have a co-pay arrangement available for them through an employer healthcare plans. Based on the American Tradjenta cost, another consideration may be to order medication from Canada online to get a better price on it. Purchasing online from a Canadian retailer for American customers is now more possible than ever.

Looking at the same source for Januvia we see that it costs on average over $500 on for 30 tablets in the 25gm size. So Tradjenta is the less expensive of the two and considering these oral blood sugar control medications have a similar mechanism of action, a prescription for Tradjenta is the most cost-effective solution between the two.

More on Effective Blood Sugar Management

Many people believe that it’s possible to reverse diabetes and make it so that blood sugar control isn’t so much of a concern for people. The formula for that is very well known in the medical community – eat better, cut WAY back on refined sugar and processed foods, and get a lot more physical exercise. For some people it also may be necessary to drink less alcohol, and if your use of recreational drugs make you lose control of your appetite then that’s something you may have to evaluate too.

More affordable medication is a priority for a lot of people, and that can be true even if you’re doing your best to reverse diabetes and get yourself back to good health. If an oral med for blood sugar control is what your doctor recommends for you then be sure to look at the Tradjenta cost if you need a better price on your medication.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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