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What Is an Estring Used For?

what is an estring used for

Apparently drier climates are the place to be if you get stiff achy joints elsewhere in North America, and that’s why lots of arthritic people from the eastern side gravitate towards the US Southwest. Scads of Seniors in Scottsdale for sure, but a lot of people down there will tell you New Mexico is the place to be if you really want to be enjoying your retirement. But for women of this age group there’s a different type of dryness that comes with menopause, and if you’re a woman who’s gone through it you’ll know what we’re talking about. This leads to what is Estring, and what is an Estring used for?

Let’s start at the start. From puberty all the way to her late 40s or early 50s a big part of why a woman’s body runs smoothly is because of the estrogen hormone. And more specifically because it’s present in the right amount. It’s the same way for men with testosterone, but men have the great fortune of not having to go through menopause. Enough about that though, this is a discussion of what is Estring and it’s a vaginal ring for treatment of menopause symptoms.

The worst of which for many women is vaginal dryness, and it’s not difficult why that’s intolerable for these women and equally intolerable for their husband or partner. The ring is quite the pharmacology invention, because it means women can have menopause relief without needing to take pills every day. The ring takes care of all the medication delivery, and it releases the active ingredient Estradiol in just the right amount over the course of 3 months. Set it and forget it? More like stuff and forget but stuff doesn’t rhyme with forget like set does.

Anyways, there’s more to say around what is Estring so let’s continue with that. It is great the women are able to get menopause relief without pills.

7.5 every 24

Dryness in that region certainly isn’t the only problem that women will go through and this time, and burning or itching there can also be symptoms that can’t be put up with. Estradiol is essentially synthetic estrogen and when it replenishes the levels in the body it means that any menopause symptoms you do experience are much less intense. It can be a part of hormone replacement therapy for menopause and many women do want to know more about what is Estring when they find out they won’t need to be taking any pills and go 3 months without needing to replace the vaginal menopause ring.

7.5 is the magic number if you need to know how it works along with what is an Estring used for. That is how many milligrams is released by the ring every 24 hours, and as we mentioned earlier there’s enough Estradiol in there to give 7..5mg to you everyday for 3 months. Thank goodness menopause is temporary, and women will be thankful that there’s an alternative to menopause medication now. What is Estring? It’s a vaginal menopause ring that is the alternate choice available for women.

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