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Choosing to Stop Taking Diabetes Medication

what will happen if i stop taking diabetes medication

Every diabetic will want to make progress with better managing their diabetes, and some would like to stop taking diabetes medication. But putting the cart before the horse isn’t going to get you anywhere if your blood sugar levels aren’t consistently down to a sufficient level. What will happen if I stop taking diabetes medication? If those levels aren’t down the same risks from before you started taking the medication will return. For some people it is possible to wean off diabetes medication, but for the majority of Type 2 diabetics who are still overweight and have co-factor risks it is not a good idea.

We’ll get to what those risks are and what happens if you stop taking diabetes medication as we move through this entry, but first let’s talk about diabetes from a different angle. Everyone loves to eat and as we know being significantly overweight is what leads a lot of people to develop diabetes in the first place. It’s true that diabetics should eat less fried foods, but maybe chicharrons is one of them that they actually should be eating. Chicharrons are Mexican fried pork rinds, and they are divine for people who love a salty, crispy snack.

Certainly nothing to do with what will happen if I stop taking diabetes medication, but the reason eating chicharrons might be good for people is that they have high unsaturated fat content to reduce cholesterol and help with diabetes treatment. To be satiated means to have eaten enough that you feel full, and for diabetics struggling with their weight it may take a lot for them to be satiated. Here’s the other part of why chicharrons might be good for diabetics. The pork rinds have a lot of collagen in them, and this makes you full and satisfied sooner. Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are good too.

Dr Approval Required

But back to topic and the answer to can I stop taking my diabetes medication. The answer to that is by and large the same one that would apply to nearly all prescription medications – you don’t just stop taking it unless you’ve discussed this with your doctor, and they have approved it. And as always if you find the diabetes meds to be too pricey you can order medication online from Canada and pay less for medications like Januvia and Amaryl. Finding alternatives this way is the easy part, but diabetics know they need to make diet and exercise changes to and that’s usually the difficult part.

Right to what will happen if I stop taking diabetes medication. You may be fine for a while, but before long your risk for a stroke or heart disease will return with the same risk factor as before. Same goes for kidney disease and you may also begin have vision problems or nerve pain issues (neuropathy). Lactic acidosis is another concern you should have around what will happen if I stop taking diabetes medication.

If you start experiencing fatigue or weakness, stomach problems, or you’re losing your appetite then that may be a sign that you have lactic acidosis and it’s going to be important to get back on your blood sugar control medication. You’ll need to meet with your doctor to discuss this as well as possibly revisiting what type of diabetes medication you should be on, and you may need to take them a nice gift so that you remain in their good books. A Starbucks gift card or something similar is a good choice along with what will happen if I stop taking diabetes medication.

What Happens if You Stop Taking Diabetes Medications?

Nothing necessarily happens right away, but as we’ve said here the health complication risks from unchecked diabetes come back eventually and generally speaking its quite likely that you will start feeling unwell. Every diabetic will know what it’s like to test their blood sugar levels, and when you’re not able to get your A1C down under 7% routinely you should not be stopping your diabetes medication. You should continue taking it just as your doctor has been instructing you to do so, and you will do well to get more cardiovascular exercise as well as eat better – including chicharrons or more sauerkraut if you like!

What will happen if I stop taking diabetes medication? Hopefully you’ll at the very least realize you’ve made a rash decision. However, for some you may have what’s necessary to reverse diabetes and your doctor will agree that you don’t need to take the meds anymore.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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