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Why is Estring (Estradiol) So Expensive?

why is estring so expensive

Show of hands. How many women do you imagine over the age of 60 miss menstrual cramps? None of course, and every woman who is through menopause will be plenty fine with the fact that they don’t have their period anymore. But as all of them will tell you getting there can be an ordeal over the 4 years or so it takes to get to being post-menopausal. While the bothers of hot flashes and night sweats are well known, for some women it is dryness ‘down there’ that is as much of a problem. The Estradiol ring is a vaginal insert that works amazingly to counter that, but why is Estring so expensive?

In part it’s because this is a new type of menopause relief medication, and you can be sure there has been a lot in the way of R&D spent to ensure on its safety and efficacy considering a medicated ring for menopause relief is entirely new pharma technology. Aside from that it is like any other type of unique Rx medication that won’t have a generic equivalent available in the same way an oral medication does. Plus seemingly all Rx medication tends to be expensive in America and that’s the long and short of your answer to why is Estring so expensive.

For some women they’ll have that standard 4 years of menopause, but others may be going through it for longer or shorter than that. That’s because there are factors that determine how long menopause lasts that will be specific to each woman and so you never know how long your ordeal is going to be. Most women put a real priority on their relationship with their husband, and it’s for this reason that a medication to treat vaginal dryness is going to be in demand. That’s exactly what the Estring vaginal ring does, and the advantage of it is you only have it located once; there’s no need take pills every day.

VVA Fixer

VVA is the term for the medical condition where women in menopause need more natural lubrication in that region of their body. The estimates are the 40% of postmenopausal women experience symptoms of VVA, and then here’s another consideration – many people become more forgetful as they age, and for women what can happen for some of them is menopause brain fog. Brain fog doesn’t necessarily mean being forgetful, but it can and there’s plenty of people of either gender who have difficulty remembering to take their medication at the best of time at any stage of their life.

The Estring vaginal ring makes all of that a non-issue, as once it’s in place its there and working to release just the right amount of Estradiol at timed intervals so that burning, dryness, and dyspareunia are reduced in a big way and women are able to feel a whole lot better and enjoy parts of their life more naturally. Plus, the ring is entirely comfortable and a survey of women who use it say they are not bothered by it at all. So, what does Estradiol do exactly then to make these vaginal menopause symptoms much less intense?

Estrogens vaginal creams work the same way as estrogen vaginal rings do, and that’s in restoring vaginal tissue to a healthier condition. This is accomplished by the ring releasing the right amount of estrogen at different intervals over the course of 90 days, and then after 3 month you have the option of inserting a new vaginal ring for menopause relief or discontinuing use of it if your menopause symptoms have subsided.

Finding a Lower Price

We’ve laid out an answer to why is Estring so expensive, as well as why ordering menopause medication from Canada may be something women consider using for access to an affordable estrogen ring for menopause relief. Here’s another potential suggestion; Pfizer is the pharmaceutical company that makes the Estring menopause ring, and they have their Pfizer Rx Pathways program that can help patients be better able to afford their medication.

For some women taking a combination approach to reducing menopause symptoms works well, and it is possible that your doctor might recommend a vaginal estrogen ring to go along with a menopause treatment patch that also delivers doses of medication but passes them through your skin. It seems that among users who have tried both that the Estring menopause ring provides a little bit wider relief of menopause symptoms. Both have the appeal of being effective for longer periods of time and you also don’t need to always be remembering to take pills when you’re using a menopause patch too.

Why is Estring so expensive? It is because it is a relatively new type of way of administering menopause medication and because of the nature of the product it may not become available in a generic.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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