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Soriatane (Acitretin) Vitamin A Retinal Treatment

best retinol products

Most people count on their toothbrush to get rid of plaque on their teeth, but if we’re talking about plaques then it’s a whole different type of problem and nothing to do with dental health. Plaques is the term given to the skin sores that come with psoriasis. It’s a skin condition where people who have it get scaly and itchy skin on their elbows and knees. Retinol is Vitamin A1, and it’s effective as a psoriasis treatment when applied to affected skin regularly. So, if you have psoriasis the question becomes what are the best retinol products?

Soriatane is one of them, and it’s increasingly the go-to choice for doctors prescribing meds to treat psoriasis because of the way it is proven effective for reducing the severity of the condition. Plus, it is the only oral retinoid approved by the US FDA to treat psoriasis, so that’s placed at the top of best retinol products. Retinol is also very effective for treating acne.

It works by calming the immune system overreaction that causes psoriasis and affected skin cells are not able to expand as easily. But for the average person they won’t need to know how this psoriasis medication works, just that it does work and gives the expression ‘comfortable in your own skin’ the most literal meaning.

Men and women who get relief psoriasis skin conditions will be ones that use a medication along with a good psoriasis cream that they apply to the affected skin areas regularly. There’s more you can do for psoriasis self care, and we’ll get to some of that here too with our discussion on the best retinol products.

Shorts and a Tee

We mentioned that the areas that people most often get psoriasis are on the knees and elbows. That’s fairly unfortunate, especially when you consider these are spots on display when you’re wearing a t shirt and shorts like everyone else staying cool on hot summer day, or when you’re at the gym. The list could go on and on, but long story short is that psoriasis plaques are just as unattractive as they are itchy and unpleasant. That’s why Soriatane is among the best retinol products and such a blessing. You take it once a day and the absorbed Vitamin A1 gets to work.

Something to keep in mind though – Soriatane works very well for treating psoriasis, but it doesn’t work fast. People taking this medication for better skin should understand that it will take some time to begin seeing desired results, and in some cases the condition becomes worse before it gets better. Your doctor or pharmacist will usually explain this to you when you’ve filled your prescription for Soriatane.

Topical retinoids like Tazarotene will be included in the best retinol products for treatment too. Psoralen medications are ones that are used in combination with light therapy for psoriasis, and Soriatane and Methoxsalen are two of them that are very helpful for people who respond well to this alternative psoriasis treatment. You might want to talk to your doctor to inquire if psoriasis light therapy might be suitable for you.

Topicort cream is a good choice also.

Add Supplements to the Fight

Stuff like EPA/DHA fish oil and Vitamin B12 can’t be considered among the best retinol products but getting these natural supplements into your diet can go a long way to reducing psoriasis severity. Vitamin D is another good vitamin along with eating more natural fiber through fruits and vegetables. Eating better overall will help you maintain a healthy weight, and that’s also helpful for controlling the immune system response that causes psoriasis.

Avoiding excessive exposure to direct sunlight is something that will be obvious for anyone who has severe psoriasis and affected areas should have a good sunscreen on them if you do choose to be in the sun. Preferably in those shorts and a T-shirt you’d like to wear!

Speaking of being safe, it has nothing to do with the best retinol products but there is the possibility of Acitretin interactions when using this psoriasis medication. You can’t take Soriatane for psoriasis with any other dietary supplement that contain Vitamin A, so be mindful of the multivitamin you take. Acitretin interactions may also apply to methotrexate, tetracyclines, glyburide, phenytoin, some birth control pills, and the popular herbal supplement St. John's wort.

The best suggestion here is to tell your pharmacist of all medications and supplements (including vitamins) you’re taking before getting your Soriatane prescription filled.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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