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Most Popular Birth Control Methods for Women

birth control methods for women

The earliest birth control methods were not safe, hygienic, comfortable or even remotely sensical. It’s a good thing that in modern times birth control methods for women have been based on pharmaceutical science. Oral birth control medications are extremely effective – typically providing up to 98% effectiveness for preventing pregnancy – and for some women they also have the added advantage of having birth control pills control facial acne. These days there are other female birth control options available and some women think they’re even better with how they’re set it and forget-it.

That can be important for busy young and career-oriented women, and for all women smart family planning will likely be a part of their life starting in early adulthood and then for another 20-plus years after that. Some women enjoy sex in many different relationship arrangements the same way men do, and birth control medication is most ideal for women already in exclusive relationships where there is less of a chance of STDs. In any type of more casual arrangement it will be important to use barrier birth control among the different birth control methods for women too.

A basic overview of how birth control pill works is that the raised levels of certain hormones in the body make the female body believe the she is already pregnant and ovulation (the egg release) doesn’t occur because of this misconception. Birth control methods for women include once-daily pills like Alesse and these birth control meds have a backup approach too where the mucus of the cervix becomes so thick that sperm can’t get through it. So even if an egg is released, there’s much less chance it can get fertilized or attach the to the wall of the cervix like it would need to.

Let’s look deeper into female birth control options and talk about the oral meds as well as the different options that are fairly new to the menu and why many of them might be even better than ‘the pill’.

Cramp Conquerors

Another reason that some women will choose to take an oral contraceptive like Triphasil or any of the many other hormonal birth control pill is the boost in estrogen and progestin hormones they provide can take away those nasty menstrual cramps. Ones that (for some women) are so bad that they can have them doubled over in pain during their period. The reason you can have cramps during your period is because the uterine muscles contract because of prostaglandins, and hormonal contraceptives make a woman’s body produce less of them.

It’s not only the oral meds that are among the birth control methods for women that can reduce severity of menstrual cramps, and this leads nicely into the next type of ones that are available for women these days. Nearly all women will agree that men can be forgetful, and it turns out there’s science that proves men are more forgetful than women. but if they’re going to be honest the ladies can be a little absent minded from time to time too.

Birth control patches like Ortho Evra might be ideal for any woman who needs a more reliable solution because it delivers the same hormonal contraceptive dose that she’d get from her pill. The patch on her arm takes care of everything all on its own though, and that means there’s nothing to forget.

IUD for Long-Lasting Birth Control

IED stands for improvised explosive device, while IUD stands for intrauterine device. One is something that’s decidedly dangerous and you will almost certainly never find in a pharmacy. Using an IED for birth control would almost certainly result in fatal injuries. The other is one of the birth control methods for women that’s very new and the best long-lasting birth control option. A woman has the IUD placed inside her (by a medical professional – not something you can do safely at home) and it is set to release the perfect amount of contraceptive medication each month.

Many of the IUD birth control methods provide the woman with YEARS of birth control. The device doesn’t have to be replaced for many years, and for young women this is among the best birth control methods for women. Plus, IUD contraceptive devices like Mirena have the ability to reduce menstrual cramps we talked about earlier too. Mirena is an IUD birth control implant that reduces menstrual bleeding too.

It’s a darn good thing that there is so much in the way of choices with birth control methods for women, and there’s no debating that these medications have a lot of appeal for both men AND women. After all, family planning is very important and at the same time people want to be able to enjoy spontaneous sex lives.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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