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Affordable Medications to Treat Osteoporosis

medications to treat osteoporosis

Bones are a big deal, and especially hip and leg bones with the way they are supporting our body weight for much of the day. They do get a reprieve when you are sitting or lying down, but for many people that’s only for about a third of the day at best. Being active and productive is a good thing, and that doesn’t change when you get older. Osteoporosis is when bones become brittle, and it’s something that women are more at risk for than men after menopause. No one wants to see their mom breaking a bone, but Evista is among affordable medications to treat osteoporosis.

These osteoporosis treatment drugs work by either activating or deactivating estrogen receptors in the body and this increases bone mineral density. Bones stay stronger and less brittle as a result, and another plus is that Evista and other similar medications can also reduce the risk of invasive breast cancer. Being more active and getting vigorous physical exercise is helpful for preventing all sorts of diseases, but guess what? You need to have good strong bones if you’re going to put some pep in your step or start jumping like you mean it.

Wrist bones are also more at risk of osteoporosis, and as anyone will know it’s hard to go about cooking, cleaning, or swinging a pickleball racquet if you’re worried about breaking your wrist as a result of it. There is no cure for this condition, and it’s also true that men can get osteoporosis too. Although it is much less likely. It’s also a lengthy process that actually begins in your early 20s – a time when most people are enjoying their ‘physical prime’ and don’t give even the slightest thought to bone strength and durability.

Evista is one of the affordable medications to treat osteoporosis, but there are others too like Actonel and Rinvoq ER. We’ll look at all of them here and add preventative tips and other smart choices to go along with a discussion of the best drug for osteoporosis. It may be nearly impossible to avoid, but with knowledge it is possible to reduce the severity of it and make it less likely than you end up with a bone fracture.

Major Contributor

Everyone has stories about times they’ve broken a bone, and many times it is quite the tale. Mine is being 10 and way too energetic with rocking in a hammock. So much so that the hammock tossed me, and I ended up with a broken arm. But you heal well in your youth, and not so much when you are older. Unfortunately, over 80% of fractures in people over fifty are the result of osteoporosis. Broken hips are most debilitating for seniors, and the reality is that most hip fracture patients will end up breaking the bone again within a year. Affordable medications to treat osteoporosis are a need.

But here’s an even more daunting fact – apparently around 30% of senior women who suffer a broken hip die within one year of the incident. For this reason alone it is so important to slow the progression of osteoporosis if the person has more of a propensity for developing it. Affordable medications to treat osteoporosis need to be a part of that. Consider as well that treating a broken hip is extremely expensive for Americans without health insurance – costing up to $60k or more quite regularly.

Calcium Goes a Long Way

Everyone knows that calcium is the key to developing strong bones when you are growing, and then even once bones are fully grown it is needed for the bone remodeling process that is ongoing at all times to make sure they stay strong and resilient. Obesity or being significantly overweight can make that more of a difficulty with the way it puts so much more pressure on those some hip and leg bones we talked about earlier, but a calcium deficiency of any sort can be a problem for people of any body weight range.

Calcium is absorbed less effectively as we get older, and that’s why dietary recommendations are something else to consider along with affordable medications to treat osteoporosis. After all, they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and to that end it is recommended that people of 50 get 3 servings of milk or a suitable dairy equivalent a day to prevent osteoporosis. You can use this calcium calculator to determine if you’re getting enough of this very valuable mineral.

Some people will also ask what is the safest medication to treat osteoporosis, and fortunately Evista, Actonel, and Rinvoq ER are all quite safe with little in the way of serious side effects associated with any of them. We feel there is no one best drug for osteoporosis, and as is nearly always the case your doctor is the one who will know best regarding which one will be good for you.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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