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When it comes to California, all that sun and surf is definitely a big draw. California’s population is 39.5 million people. That’s slightly larger than the population of our entire country here in Canada (36 million). That means a great many people with individual healthcare needs, and a whole lot of prescriptions being filled every day. You’ve likely got a California pharmacy nearby, but does it have the full spectrum of medications in stock, AND does it make them available for the most affordable prices possible?

This is where your average local California pharmacy may come up short. Canada Pharmacy has nearly every medication and provides customers with 100% secure online transactions plus to-your-door delivery. Each order is reviewed by our professional licensed pharmacists and they ensure it is dispensed exactly as prescribed.

They’ll be pleased to find out how these medications can be had more affordably from an online pharmacy serving California. Here at Canada Pharmacy we fill and deliver prescription medications, including Viagra, Cialis, Propecia, Lisinopril and more. We’re pleased to be an option for you in any instance where your California pharmacy doesn’t have a particular medication or it’s prohibitively expensive.

Benefits of an Online Pharmacy Serving California

Consumers all around the world have benefited greatly from the way online shopping has become so commonplace, and what’s also a big plus is the way it’s become much more safe and secure in recent years. You can shop with that same confidence here, as we have the best in anti-fraud encryption technology.

The benefits of getting your prescriptions from Canada don’t end there. In addition to the lowest prices for any California pharmacy, we also do:

  • Online refills
  • Medical supply
  • Compounding
  • Custom packaging

Folks in California can also order pet medications from Canada Pharmacy too, and we’ve also got the most competitive prices on non-prescription drugs too. Customers have told us they like how our online pharmacy CA shopping portal is so easy to use, but if you have any difficulties at all with you we encourage you to call our customer service toll-free at 1-800-891-0844. Another option is our contact page.

Need more convincing about the advantages of our California pharmacy? Take a look at these comparisons between the average prices (USD) per pill per or unit on popular medications here at Canada Pharmacy:


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